Wednesday, 23 July 2014

She's in Fashion

OMG the kid is so into her clothes right now. I'm afraid she may be following in her mum's quirky (read: odd) style footsteps.
Ever since dressing in yellow leggings and a yellow t-shirt and declaring "I'm a banana", that has been the go-to outfit for Daphne Duck. If there is green in the equation it's obviously "some apple".
However, somewhat encouraged by her mother, Daph has also adopted stripes as her uniform whole-heartedly. Most of the time I am really happy for her to, erm, express herself with colourful outfits, and you may have even caught me googling "yellow shoes" last week, just so she could complete the banana look, BUT...
there are times when I have to suggest she has a word with FiFi.
You see, FiFi loves her rainbow leggings, and she loves her rainbow top. She loves her rainbow socks, and she loves all rainbow things generally. BUT, there comes a time, early in the morning, when FiFi has had a bit of special blueberry juice the night before, when rainbow covering every inch of Daphne's ALREADY LOUD body is a bit too much. Let's tone down on the visuals at least, right?
I do not want to stifle the kid. But seriously, she looks like she's on a Gay Pride march. Which would be fine, I'd be totally ok with that, but she's a bit young yet.

PS: Sorry for saying OMG. I've been hanging out with 8 year olds.

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